The Patay-Prónay castle of Acsaújlak is for sale

The "Hungarian Versailles"

The Patay-Prónay castle of Acsaújlak is for sale

The "Hungarian Versailles"

castle estate
castle area
racehorse stables
Alpine-stlye wooden houses

Castle of Acsaújlak

Excellent location


The Patay-Prónay Castle is situated in Acsaújlak, the Municipality of Acsa, Pest county. Its location provides excellent transportation possibilities: the capital is only a 50-minute ride away. Located 58 km away from the city centre of Budapest and 72 km away from Liszt Ferenc International Airport, it takes only one hour to get to the castle on M2 motorway.

The history of the castle

The castle was built in 1905 to the order of Baron Dezső Prónay, general supervisor of the Evangelical Church at the time, for his daughter, Iphigenia. During the four years of the construction, Iphigenia married Tibor Patay, a count from Abaúj county; the castle was given to the newly married couple as a wedding present.

The “Hungarian Versailles,” located in the vicinity of Budapest, is truly something unique; the luxury, the grandeur, the historic location, and the spacious areas lend a rare atmosphere to the site. The vast halls of the Castle of Acsaújlak, adorned with Renaissance and Baroque elements create a grandiose environment; the castle’s modern, 21st-century design certainly appeals to the fans of luxury, as it accommodates any special demands. The building complex, which resembles castles from the olden days, is of unparalleled magnificence with its surrounding countryside, where visitors can enjoy hunting and fishing.

Interior design

The "Hungarian Versailles"

As far as interior design is concerned it is noteworthy to mention that the favourite colours and motifs (Bourbon blue, green, and red) of Louis XIV are present in more than one areas of the castle, thus making visitors feel like being in the Palace of Versailles. Moreover, all suites of the building are installed with authentic golden replicas of Mathieu bracket lamps and crystal chandeliers, which are exclusively found in the Palace of Versailles. The 12 panelled and marble fireplaces in the larger rooms of the building are unique in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The interior architecture was designed by Herrer-y M. Caesar, an Ybl Award-winning architect.

Castle hotel behind the historic walls

The castle was opened in 1986 as one of the first castle hotels in the country. The architectural design of the building accentuates its similarity to medieval castles. The castle features corner towers, which is a typical characteristic of Upper- Hungarian castles in the late Renaissance era. The structural solutions of the building are characterised by archaisms: its walls are unusually thick, and brick arched ceilings were used on all floors. The interior of the castle was designed with the comfort being the most important aspect to consider. The castle is characterised by moderate Baroque elements and is comprised of a main building and a side wing; the main building has two floors above the ground floor, as well as an attic, while the side wing has a ground floor and an attic. A cellar runs under the entire building. The decoration throughout the whole castle is rich in hunting motifs.

The cellar

Every considerable castle, just like the Castle of Acsa, has its own wine cellar. During the reconstruction the cellar was renovated: the floor is now covered with rusticated ashlar, part of the floor and the walls are covered with Italian Cellini material, while the walls and the ceiling are decorated with exclusive Oikos coccio antico ceramics. The most remarkable part of the basement is the wine cellar. The entrance and the different rooms of the wine cellar are separated by custom-made ironforged doors decorated with grape leaves and clusters of grapes and designed by a Hungarian artist; the roof windows are decorated by lead glass murals depicting symbols of viticulture.

Side wing

  • office
  • gym
  • indoor pool / heated jacuzzi
  • sauna / separate infrasauna
  • 8-person steam cubicles
  • changing room / massage room
  • kitchen
  • laundry
  • rooftop terrace on the top of the romantic side bastion.
  • freezing chamber to store game meat, with a separate generator

Around the castle

The romance of rural castles - Racehorse stables

One of the main advantages of rural castles is that riders can practice a wide range of equestrian sports on the surrounding lands. The castle features its own stable of 8 boxes, which was renovated in its original Baroque style and is equipped with the most modern tools for racehorses. There is a separate room in the stables where horse equipment can be kept; feed is stored in the attic. During the renovation, a wooden open shed with grooved roof tiles was built next to the stables. Behind the side wing of the castle a fenced pen was constructed, where horses can be taken outside and trained.

We are keeping up - green technologies

Keeping up with the level of standards of the 21st century, we are conscious about the environment, which means that the castle runs almost entirely on “green” energy. A 50-kW solar power plant situated in the shadow-free area behind the castle minimises the electric expenditure of the castle; heating is provided by biomass boilers, and solar panels are used to heat water. Downhole wells are used for the irrigation of the park. In accordance with today’s requirements the indoor and the outdoor pools, as well as the entire area of the castle are accessible for people with reduced mobility. Naturally, the castle is equipped to accommodate a helicopter.

Park - ancient trees, lake

The visitor enters the mesmerizing park through a compelling wrought iron gate, where they can find fountains, pathways and a cozy lake. An island is situated in the middle of the pond, which we can enter via a wooden bridge. The water drainage is ensured by a river, controlled by a dam. For the watchdogs there have been built wrought iron cages and wooden dog houses, as well as a dog kennel. The castle park is suitable for helicopter landing.

Unique hunting lodges

Two unique, Alpine-stlye, fully furnished, two-storey hunting lodges were built in the park surrounding the castle, and there are 5 additional smaller cottages in the park available in the summer.

Recreational fishing is available at the following locations:

  • Lake Sinkár, 1 km away (with an area of 76 acres)
  • Lake Barina, 4 km away (with an area of 8 acres)

Various hunting activities

  • individual hunting
  • drive hunting
  • outdoor drive hunt
  • canned drive hunt
  • stalking

Most common game

  • red deer
  • fallow deer
  • wild boar
  • roe deer
  • mouflon
  • pheasant


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